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Standard X-Ray Is Arizona's leading supplier of Chiropractic DR Systems (Direct Radiography). We provide the latest in x-ray technology to chiropractic professionals throughout Arizona. Contact us today for more information and pricing or for an in-office demonstration - (602) 275-3344.



The FDR D-EVO has achieved 384 × 460 mm size and thickness of 14 mm which is equivalent to a CR cassette. The other main characteristics of the FDR D-EVO are 2.8 kg* weight, minimum 3seconds preview time and minimum 9 seconds cycle time. Since the size is equivalent to a CR cassette, it is possible to load the FDR D-EVO into an existing upright/table X-ray system and handle it in the same fashion as a CR cassette.





Del Work Medical DR is easy and affordable way to upgrade an existing general radiographic room to digital. Upgrading to digital radiography will streamline the imaging process in any facility allowing you to diagnose quickly and efficiently. The DelWorks Medical DR is available in Cesium Iodide (CsI) Scintillator and Gadolinium Oxysulfide Scintillator.






Whether you are converting an existing general radiographic room to digital or are looking for a complete DR package for a new imaging suite, a DelWorks DR Upgrade Package is the easy and affordable way to advance to digital. This wireless portable, flat panel detector (FPD) features a standard 14” x 17” x-ray cassette size design and provides quick, high quality images with short cycle times at an affordable price.





This CCD image processing technology offers the utmost quality digital image as well as fast speed image processing. The image is captured within seconds and then displayed on the workstation screen. The Gateway DR sensor contains 194 CCD sensors which offer high productivity with great versatility. Most DR systems on the market use flat panel “amorphous silicon”. Gateway DR uses proprietary technology for high density arrays, which provides high quality digital images at an affordable cost.





1717SGC is a cassette type detector embodying the technological power and know-how of Rayence, a global enterprise specializing in sensors. This cassette type detector allows you to experience True Flat Panel Digital Imaging Technology without deforming existing cassette sized bucky Its 15mm thickness allows existing detectors using film to be easily digitalized, and its minimized dead space helps the user take pictures of large areas without difficulty. In addition, its removable handle increases user’s convenience.The 1717 SGC will become the universal and economical digital solution needed to meet your clinical requirements.





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