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Standard X-Ray Is Arizona's leading supplier of X-Ray Processors. We provide the latest in x-ray processors to medical, veterinary and chiropractic professionals throughout Arizona. Contact us today for more information and pricing or for an in-office demonstration - (602) 275-3344.



The Konica Minolta SRX-101A processor produces high quality radiographs with easy operation and is the ideal choice for imaging sites, diagnostic centers and private practice offices. The SRX-101A processor is perfect for reliable low volume applications, especially where space is at a premium.






ImageWorks' Mini-Medical is setting a new standard for tabletop film processors. These quality x-ray film processors are built and priced to make in-house film developing cost-effective for small offices, clinics, satellite health care facilities, and mobile installations, by including many time, space, and money-saving features found in higher priced models. Simple operation - just a single switch activates the Mini-Medical. Ease of operation makes the unit simple for all staff members to use






The KODAK POINT-OF-CARE CR 140 System enables all imaging functions to be performed at the point of patient care with one compact, affordable package. Perfect for environments where small size, simplicity of use, and performance are critical, the CR 140 system also provides low-volume CR environments with an excellent entry to digital imaging




Alphatek AX300SE


The SE Series products are reliable, cost-effective x-ray film processors that consistently produce high quality, beautifully-finished radiographs. The extraordinary value of the SE processors comes with the combination of over 30 years of technical improvements and ISO 9000 manufacturing excellence







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